Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lubricants: Uses and Importance

Diesel engine oil is a type of lubricant used in many different kinds of internal combustion engines. It is an important element in keeping an engine alive and making it run smoothly.

Read on and learn of the importance and uses of lubricants like diesel engine oil.

• Lubricants are important in motor vehicles like motorcycles, cars, heavier vehicles like commercial vehicles and buses, non-road vehicles like boats, go-karts, and snowmobiles, lawnmowers, heavy construction and agricultural equipment, aircraft, locomotives, and static engines like electric generators. In all engines, there are parts that are moving or rubbing against each other which cause friction. Friction converts energy into heat which is a waste of power. Therefore lubrication helps conserve energy and put it into good use.

• Contact between metal parts that are moving or rotating can cause wear. This would lead to a lower level of efficiency which will eventually lead to degradation or break down. Therefore, lubrication helps prolong the service life of your engine.

• If an engine is not lubricated by diesel engine oil or other types of oils, fuel consumption will significantly increase since the engine is working two times harder. Also, failure to lubricate will greatly decrease power output.

• Motor oil, through the process called convection is able to transfer heat as the lubricant flows through your engine.

• Lubricating oil such as diesel engine oil makes a film that separates the moving parts of an engine. This protects the engine and its parts.

• Motor oil also coats steel parts. Such coating protects them from being exposed to oxygen. If they are not protected, they will inhibit oxidation at high operating temperatures. This will lead to rust or corrosion.

• Lubricants like diesel engine oil helps keep your engine clean and lessen oil sludge buildup. Also, engine oil is capable of trapping soot from combustion. If this is not done, such substance will be left deposited on the inner surfaces of your engine. This is one of the reasons why oil lubricants turn black in color after some running. Lubricants also help in getting rid of foreign substances that might cause further wear to the engine.

• Lubricants like diesel engine oil also act as a cooling agent. This would prevent your engine from undergoing high temperature strain which would eventually prevent overheating.

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